A Life of Abundance

fabolous mom

August Moms Catch-up Session….. If living an abundant lifestyle is not just money, what is it? Let’s go through five key points that one can consider while building the desired lifestyle with what one already has. Signup for this month’s session below. https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrd-mgqT8pEtAwpzgVg-w6BzaplhjdEcEd

The Golden Ticket to a Fab Life

motivational book launch

Busy Moms Motivational Book Club Launch!!!! Moms are busy and often times get overwhelmed as they go through daily activities. The current crisis has not made things better. We are therefore launching a FREE monthly motivational session based on books of choice. Sign up to this first session that will set the guidelines on how […]

My Rotary Presidency Exit Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is such a great honor for me to be standing here in front of you once again, this time as the outgoing president of The Rotary Club of Kitengela (RCK)! I am delighted for the trust and faith you bestowed on me as the President of this Club. We have come […]

6 Ways to Master Self-Discipline for Busy Moms

As a mom, I find myself handling more than ten things at the same time. I have somehow gotten used to it that I never have any moment to sit idle. In fact, I no longer have time to watch TV. Guess that’s a great thing because an idle mind is said to be the […]

All Moms are Fabulous. Am I Correct?

I have always thought mothers are unique and can do magic but I had never known how they get things done until someone asked me that question. He told me that I am a fabulous mom. He also asked me, ‘How do you get all these things done?’ He even mentioned a number of things […]