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Hi I'm Lucy

Nice to meet you!!! I am a mother of two middle aged girls, a life coach, an entreprenuer, an automation business advisor, an author and an active philanthropist.⁣⁣⁣ I was a career professional for many years where I provided technical advisory services for my employers’ clients. With a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), I held a successful senior leadership position for a long time. However, I felt dissatisfied with employment as I was looking for a more flexible freedom lifestyle and make more time for my family. This led me to start a coaching business aligned with my passion to help people discover their purpose and become the best version of themselves. I therefore started my business as a mentor giving free advise to young career professionals and then turned it into a structured business automation consultancy. Today, I am thrilled to be teaming up with several entrepreneurs to help you start and Scale Up Your Business Online (SUYBO). ⁣⁣⁣

Our research has shown that one of the biggest challenges people face is getting started. I know from experience how overwhelming, hard and scary it can be to start something new, especially in these strange times.⁣⁣⁣

That’s exactly why we have created the Scale Up Your Business Online Accelerator Program (SUYBO). This will help you craft your business model and attract prospective customers.

The Scale Up Your Business Online Accelerator Program (SUYBO) is a step-by-step program that gives you the training and tools you need to work on your personal life, start and launch your own business. You will learn the principles I used to pivot from a career professional to start my business including how to find the right idea, create an online presence and land your first customer. ⁣⁣⁣

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More About Me


  • I have so far learnt the virtue of growing oneself beyond a paying job. This entails identifying the areas I am good at and building something great with guidance from coaches. Secondly to set goals and allocating time to achieve the goals each day preferably setting aside two hours. For the goals to graduate to tangible activities one needs a mentor or a coach to walk with them when they feel stuck. Lastly, happiness is very important in one's life. Allocate some 'me' time, carry out activities that make you feel happy especially when stressed. It's important to engage with who impact you with positivity. It's important to engage with people who impact one with positivity

    Caroline Munene Organisational Development Consultant
  • Fabulous lifestyle group is a blessing to my life because it found me in a personal dilemma of time management, and how to get some help in planning to create a vision board for my life. Lucy, the coach and the other women are also able network and share ideas on self improvement to have happier and healthier families.

    Florence Wanjiru Wainaina Adjunct lecturer Criminology Department, Renowned University


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