Lucy Munga, a remarkable individual who effortlessly wears many hats in her life’s journey. Lucy is not just a mother, but a professional business consultant, a global leadership coach and mentor, an experienced business trainer, and a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of invaluable experience in various fields.

Lucy’s ability to balance the demands of motherhood with her thriving career in business consulting is a testament to her exceptional time management and organizational skills. As a mother, she understands the importance of nurturing and supporting those around her, qualities that naturally extend to her role as a mentor and coach.

In the realm of business, Lucy Munga’s expertise shines brightly. Her extensive experience as a consultant has enabled her to develop keen insights into the intricacies of the corporate world, making her an invaluable resource for companies seeking guidance and growth strategies. Her track record as an entrepreneur further underscores her entrepreneurial spirit and her knack for turning innovative ideas into successful ventures.

Lucy’s dedication to leadership development and her role as a global leadership coach have impacted countless individuals and organizations worldwide. Her passion for empowering others to reach their full potential is both inspiring and transformative.

In addition to her professional achievements, Lucy Munga is known for her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and her pursuit of excellence. Her dedication to her various roles and her remarkable ability to wear multiple hats with grace and competence make her a true asset to any endeavor she undertakes.

Lucy Munga is a multifaceted professional with a wealth of experience, a nurturing spirit, and an unwavering commitment to success. Her diverse skill set and dedication makes a positive and lasting impact in any project or organization that is fortunate enough to collaborate with her.


Business Management
Data Consulting
IT Security
Business Coaching
Finance Management
Analytical Skills
Process Improvement
Organizational Skills
Project Management
Communication Skills
Team Management


Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Education