From Employment to a Side Hustle to a Business Empire

This book From Employment to a Side Hustle to a Business Empire by Lucy Munga is designed for both those who are currently employed and wish to start their own business, and those who have already started a business but feel stuck. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to build a business and make it profitable as soon as possible.

In the book, Lucy has provided a detailed approach to preparing yourself well before leaving employment. She covers planning and testing different business ideas while still employed, and preparing for a smooth transition into entrepreneurship. This ensures a safe and soft landing for the day you decide to quit your job and scale up your well-thought-out business.

The book also offers a roadmap for scaling your business from one level to another, achieving profitable income aligned with your passions and talents, and granting the freedom lifestyle you desire. In summary, you will learn how to

  • Identify where you are stuck in life
  • Identify a service or product that you can package and sell to build an income
  • Design your offer and package it
  • Price your offer for your target market
  • Launch the offer
  • Scale up your business to the next level


This book gives you the tools you need to radically change your life and become someone you will be proud of in a few months. Click the button below to purchase the book.


Maina's Mockup

Maina, A Talented African Village Boy

This is an ideal gift to children who are 9-15 years old. The amazing story, with relevant illustrations, has been written to help young minds use scarce resources to innovate and build some incredible objects. 

Maina, the boy in this book, is a brilliant and talented village boy who grew up with my grand parents at the foot of the Aberdare Ranges in central Kenya. He learnt to speak fast and even started building toys using plastic waste materials. He learnt a lot from my uncle who walked with him around the farm where cows and bulls were grazing. He also sat with my grand parents in the evenings and was taught a lot of things through story telling. For a number of years, Maina wished he could visit his cousins in the capital city, Nairobi. One day his mother surprised him with the long awaited visit. I hope you enjoy this interesting story