Are there lazy mothers? Mothers can attest that the best time of their life was when they held in their hands the first bundle of joy. Subsequently, more blessings arrived in the form of second born, third born, and sometimes in the form of an adopted child. How one became a parent doesn’t matter but the excitement is immeasurable. The arrival is met with excitement and celebrations by family and friends. However, moms carry a lot of responsibilities as they walk the journey of parenting, working full time, and building relationships as wives and family members in society. I have recently interviewed several moms and can attest that moms have a special superpower. They can achieve anything that they set their mind on. During the survey, I learned a lot from both what moms said and what they did not say. This article covers the top four insights on what they did not say during the survey. If you want to know what they said, please signup for the session scheduled for 25 July 2020.

Multitasking: Moms have perfected this art of multitasking. They are able to take care of family, build a network with other like-minded people, support close relatives, build a marriage, work full time, and so on. However, most Moms experience burnout and sometimes do not complete their daily chores at home. What can they do differently so that they can accomplish all that and also have a me-time?

Self-awareness and confidence: Moms are aware that they are not perfect and are willing to build a great personal, professional and family life. They are focused on making things better. In addition, they know what they need in life but somehow they seem to be stuck. I was in a similar position for many years but only made meaningful progress when I chose to get a coach who had similar experiences as me and had achieved so much success before me. I recommend the same to all moms who are working so hard to make a better lifestyle for themselves and the family. All successful people do not walk alone, they have someone hand-holding them along the success journey. They have a support mechanism that works for them. Do you have one?

Support system: Moms have a superpower in that they can almost foretell what will happen if they neglect anything that they should be doing. Perhaps that is why they will go all out to complete their work forgetting that there is time for everything. I learned that moms are scared of failure and are constantly searching for solutions to their daily challenges. I thought I was alone on this one. Should moms be asking for support? From who? How can they identify a good support system? As moms, let us not blame ourselves when things don’t work out. We are doing our best but I recommend you to look for help. There are many people who have been there before you and are willing to help.

Leadership: Moms have immense success in what they focus on achieving. They have all the qualities of great leadership but hardly get to take up leadership roles at their workplace and even in society. Why is that so? Look at all the countries in the world now that have women as leaders and note how peaceful those countries are. Is it by design or there is something about women in leadership? What do you learn from those global women leaders? We have the confidence, agility, foresight, empathy, and many more leadership qualities that are required to succeed in our personal and professional roles. We can take up more than we have. So, what do you need to build the next level woman that has a successful family, entrepreneurial, professional life, etc?

Let’s meet-up and explore ways of turning your passion into an income; take your rightful position in life and building a great legacy. I bet that’s your dream.

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