As a mom, I find myself handling more than ten things at the same time. I have somehow gotten used to it that I never have any moment to sit idle. In fact, I no longer have time to watch TV. Guess that’s a great thing because an idle mind is said to be the workshop of evil thoughts as the saying goes. I have therefore built a daily routine that works for me. Although this is my normal lifestyle, it wasn’t so in the beginning. I had to instill some self-discipline to achieve it. I do the same every time when I want to achieve a new goal.

Learning self-discipline has been a huge factor in paving the way for the manifestation of my life purpose and desires. I, therefore, wish to share with you 6 tips that boost my self- discipline when I set new intentions.

1. Believe in yourself: You can do it. You have what it takes to do it. Just focus your energies towards the new opportunities and have a free spirit as you go along. Push away that little voice that whispers, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ You are capable of making a commitment and any tiny step is valid. It is advisable to mark a date by which you will complete the new intention.

2. Remember the Why: Connect to the deep meaning of why you want to manifest your desires. This intrinsic motivation is often enough to stay on track. You have a life purpose that only you can fulfill it here on earth. You have a unique story and there are many people waiting to learn from you. Just do it!

3. Take things step-by-step: Willpower is like a muscle so it can become tired if it’s used too much in a day but it can be strengthened over time. Don’t transform your entire life in one day. Start with a small action each day. It is advisable that you set a goal and write down specific action points that you will take to achieve the goal. Keep reviewing your progress weekly or monthly depending on your journey.

4. Forgive yourself for the odd slip: A new journey in life will come with many challenges. However, focus on the target and do not get discouraged. It’s part of the growth process. If at first, you fail to succeed, find out why, and try again. Note down the lessons learned from the missed step so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again. Keep going!

5. Accountability: This is very important for everyone who wants to achieve their life purpose and build a legacy. Find that one special person who you know will maintain a high vibration and help you keep your commitment. You will need a mentor or coach or just a friend who will keep you on track through a guided journey or one who keeps reminding you of your commitments. All successful people in the world have someone that is a few steps ahead of that they can look up to.

6. Reward yourself: Creating a daily manifestation routine that includes an early wake-up, affirmations, visualizations, meditation, mindfulness and self- healing can be challenging, so when you make progress for a week or even a few days, celebrate yourself! In fact, keep a gratitude journal and review it from time to time. You will be amazed at how much progress you will have made over time.

This is essentially how I keep myself disciplined and vibrating high. Hopefully, this can work for you too. If you are looking forward to building a self-disciplined routine, please signup for this session below. This session targets busy working moms who wish to manifest a free lifestyle.

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