The story behind the FabLife Community Service (FCS) Initiative

In September 2019, I was giving a talk to class 8 students at one of the public schools in Kajiado County, Kenya. Somehow, some words came out of my mouth and I said, ‘Those who will achieve 400 marks and above, will get a prize from me’. At the time, I was the President of one of the Rotary clubs in Nairobi. Later after the talk, the school principal informed me that this was a high target because the best they have ever done was 352 marks. I was optimistic that the children would pull through. They did not disappoint, the best student achieved 398 marks (2 marks short of the target), and two others achieved 374 and 372 respectively. I was super excited to have my first student to celebrate. 

However, this particular girl who scored 398 marks did not have parents and was living with a Good Samaritan. My journey to helping out on school fees, uniform, plus other necessities including mentorship started at that point. I was able to get some funds from friends and other Rotarians and the girl reported to school on time. 

This year, I came across another girl who was almost missing out on secondary school education despite the fact that she had performed very well in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams, because her parents could not afford school fees. Below are the stories of the two girls. Kindly donate what you can and help in building the girls’ future. Thanks in advance!

Our 2021 Target


Veronica will report to secondary school on 03 August 2021. She performed well and was admitted to Kereri Girls Secondary School, located in Kisii (western Kenya). We need approximately KES 150,000 (approx. US$ 1,500), per year to cater for school fees, uniform, transport, books, other necessities including mentorship fees. Kindly use the button below to securely donate to Veronica’s kitty.

Our 2020 Achievement


This is me with the first sponsored child on the day she reported to Isinya Girls High School on 13 January 2020. Tracy is a quiet bright girl who is keen to learn and therefore works very hard in school. She has just started the second year of her secondary school education. Last year, I was able to raise enough money for school fees plus other necessities for the entire first year of school. We have since partnered with a Rotary club that has paid one year school fees for Tracy for the second year. So, this year is covered till March 2022.

FabLife Community Service (FCS) Membership

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