Are You Missing in Action?

First of all let me apologize for missing in action for three weeks. I was working on the website plus other important programs and that took a lot of my time leaving little space for blogging. So, now that I am back, let me update you on what is new. Website: With a functional and […]

Do I Really Need a Coach ?

female coach

Well, that is a tough question. Let me start by saying that everyone in the world is working at making something better in their lives. Each one of us has been stuck and somehow found a way out either through help from someone or we figured out the solution after several attempts. That situation and […]

My Rotary Presidency Exit Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is such a great honor for me to be standing here in front of you once again, this time as the outgoing president of The Rotary Club of Kitengela (RCK)! I am delighted for the trust and faith you bestowed on me as the President of this Club. We have come […]