You Cannot Give What You do not Have

Read that sentence again and again – YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. It has a very deep meaning. Listen, let’s look at this statement and obtain the real meaning together. If you have a glass of water, then you can give water. This means that if the glass is empty, then you […]

Are Working Mothers Lazy in Parenting?

Are there lazy mothers? Mothers can attest that the best time of their life was when they held in their hands the first bundle of joy. Subsequently, more blessings arrived in the form of second born, third born, and sometimes in the form of an adopted child. How one became a parent doesn’t matter but […]

6 Ways to Master Self-Discipline for Busy Moms

As a mom, I find myself handling more than ten things at the same time. I have somehow gotten used to it that I never have any moment to sit idle. In fact, I no longer have time to watch TV. Guess that’s a great thing because an idle mind is said to be the […]

All Moms are Fabulous. Am I Correct?

I have always thought mothers are unique and can do magic but I had never known how they get things done until someone asked me that question. He told me that I am a fabulous mom. He also asked me, ‘How do you get all these things done?’ He even mentioned a number of things […]

Why You Should Not Waste This Crisis

There are only two certain things in life, the day you were born and the day you find out why. Not the taxman or death as most people believe. We were born to live and not just exist, but to enjoy the ‘living’. So, why are so many people so miserable in today’s world? Why […]